Moulin de la Veyssière is a family business. Today, Christine Elias runs the mill, but it is in 1857 that it has been bought by her great-great-grandfather. Initially, wheat was milled to get flour and bake bread in the former bakery inside the mill. Her grandfather developed the mill toward nut oil and today, the mill produces also hazelnut oil.

The mill remained in its original condition, machinery is vintage, even the scents remind craftwork. Here, “travail à façon” has been preserved, it is the equivalent of today’s service provision. Inhabitants of the region who have walnut trees, dry their nuts after the harvest season in September, break them and pick up walnut kernels. After all these steps, they bring the kernels to the mill, where they are ground to get walnut oil. To give you an idea, it requires 2 kilos of kernels to get one liter of oil.

Walnut and hazelnut oil produced by Moulin de la Veyssière derives from local nuts, and hazelnuts specifically comes from Lot et Garonne.

When Christine Elias has taken over the mill 5 years ago, she had in mind to develop tours, to introduce the ancestral savoir-faire, passed down from generation to generation. She restored the former bakery into a shop, and opened the mill to visits during all year, while it was only opened during winters for production.


The mill welcomed 9.000 visitors in 2016 and is ready to welcome so much more this year, and the mill share its production’s secrets to international guests.

This successful experience led to the sale of its products within gourmet food stores in Paris, the mill also has partnerships with famous local Chefs and a distinguished pâtissier.

The mill keeps moving forward as Christine now produce nut flour, a product derived from the oil extraction process.

To discover Moulin de la Veyssière, meet passionate artisan and taste local produces, book your tour “Périgord’s delights”, you will also visit L’Or des Anges and Caviar de Neuvic, a whole day dedicated to delicacies !