As you walk through Aubeterre, you may discover the back door of Pierre Very’s house.

Behind this door hides the restaurant La Taverne, an intimate ambient but yet welcoming restaurant hall and terrace. Carmen runs the place in a familial atmosphere. When she decided to settle in France, she just had sold her restaurant in The Netherlands, reading an ad in a Dutch Catering magazine, she thought that taking over a restaurant in such a picturesque place was a huge opportunity. Finally, she could enjoy her children, and rest in a quiet village, little did she know that she would open 7 days a week and offer all-day service.

Terrasse Aubeterre

Carmen is a passionate professional who only works with at least as much passionate Chefs. Her purpose is to make people aware of the French gastronomy and local produce, and this is why she offers a menu that suits all budgets.

Carmen invites tourists to discover the region, enjoy the Dronne river, visit Dordogne, rest in nice villages. Here, everything is made to please you, here people love to eat, drink and be “bon-vivant”, that means enjoy fully life.

Apart from being an authentic place, the restaurant La taverne is also a part of Pierre Very’s house, full of history, it belongs to the family of the great author which has written among others “Goupi red hands” and who was also committed to cinema.

Carmen’s favorites are fish dishes, and “bien sûr” foie gras and duck magret to discover the Terroir.

If you want to enjoy a nice moment on a half sunny half shady terrace, off the streets, this place is a must-see ! The staff is always welcoming and cheerful, prices are affordable and we truly advise you to book your table !

The restaurant is open 7 days a week from now until October, with an all-day service, and from 11:30 am to 22:00 pm

If you want to get a glimpse of what La Taverne has to offer, join our tour, you will enjoy Food and Wine pairings at La Taverne, but also at L’Hostellerie du Périgord and Le Comptoir d’Albaterra !