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L’Or des Anges is a family business based on Terroir and French Art de Vivre. It offers two jewels of the Périgord : Red Gold, in other words, saffron, and Black Diamond, in other words, Truffle. The magic happens in the Repaire, an ancient hamlet within Périgord and which last in the same family for 300 years. Situated in the heart of Périgord, between oak forests and countryside, a region full of authenticity.

Through chance meetings, with a love of the land and refined fresh fare, Le Repaire has become a place where the culture of the black truffle marries with that of saffron.

Alexandra, ‘the Lady of the House’, grew up at Le Repaire. After many years living in Paris and travelling all over the world, she decided to come back to her roots in the Périgord. She has a genuine love of the wonderful traditional Périgordine products.

She supplies starred restaurants throughout France and World, and her passion of the Terroir and taste has been recognized by the famous Club Gastronomique Prosper Montagné.

Her skills does not stop to production, she is constantly striving to create new enchanting delicacies to delight your tastebuds.

Truffle is Used since ancient times, it wasn’t until Brillat Savarin brought the Périgord truffle to the world’s attention that it received its rightful culinary acclaim. ​Tuber melanosporum, otherwise known as the Périgord’s ‘black diamond’, can not be disregarded. Its powerful odour is incomparable, its taste unique and it can be eaten with virtually everything.

Its exceptional qualities and rarity make the Périgord truffle on of the jewels of our region. Harvested from December to March, L’Or des Anges gives you the opportunity to consume them fresh or buy them tinned from our Boutique to enjoy throughout the year.

Saffron, also known as  red gold that when cooked transforms into a golden yellow, saffron is another jewel of our region. After being actively cultivated in France in the 18th century, the production of this spice experienced an irreversible decline after the French Revolution. With our deep commitment and love of the land, we felt we had to revive the lost art of saffron cultivation which can only be harvested by hand.

Saffron’s virtues are multiple: in the kitchen, a sort of alchemy occurs during each preparation, and it also has ​a great many​nutritional and health benefits, it’s an approved antioxidant to name but a few. At L’Or des Anges we only sell the individual filaments which is a guaranteed sign of authenticity and quality.

To discover more about this family business, book your tour “Périgord’s Delights”, many other delicacies await you !