French Clichés

As you planned your trip through France, you may expect to see some French clichés, you will be quite satisfied, French people are full of clichés and have a real temper.

Let’s make a list of what you can expect to run into :

– French people are ALWAYS late : You may wait a lot at restaurant, and then, you may wait for the person you intended to meet at 2pm, and that is how you will be late your whole day. No need to overwhelm them, they will always have an excuse : traffic jams, sick dog, flooded house. Here people are so late that in every region there is what is called “le quart d’heure *insert here the adjective related to any French region*, for example, “Le quart d’heure Bordelais”. The funniest is that they really think that being late is a “unique regional thing” and can even be proud of !

Tips : All you can do is to adapt, and yes, you may not want to be as rude as being late can be, but you are on holiday, you are here to enjoy life, to take a break, nobody will blame you in France !

– Strike is a national sport, it is no wonder French people are the best to complain. As they are almost always late, they are even impatient. They are known to be rude, and I would have a very hard time convincing you they are not, as our language contains hundreds and hundreds of swears.

Tips : Don’t get offended if you hear swears in a regular sentence, French uses them also as a period.

– French people drink a lot of wine, on a daily basis. Well, French have to admit it, thankfully they do not drink as much as they produce ! Put the blame on the doctor who once said “One glass of wine a day, keeps the doctor a day.”

-French are lazy people. Yes, they work only 35 hours per week, they do not work on Sundays, but they have fought for that, that is why they do so much strikes ! “Why are the French so lazy…” is, according to Google, one of the most popular questions typed into the search engine. But when you take a look at the figures, it actually turns out that French work 1,453 hours of work per year, against 1337 for the Germans.

-French are also known to be chauvinist, they are very proud of their country, and even within France, there are many conflicts between region as they self-award “best region of France”. But sincerely, there is no doubt, Aquitaine is by far the first one !

Tips : See for yourself, take a reservation of this tour…. and tell us if everything enumerated above is true ! We won’t be offended !

To conclude : do I need to introduce you Paul Taylor ? This British comedian may be best placed to make fun of French people, and he may be even ruder than French people, so keep your children away from this video !