If you landed on this page, you are probably planning your trip in our region, then, you may want to taste some wines. Indeed, wine tasting is a must for people who really want to travel through Aquitaine.

You may already be an expert in this field, well, a few little reminders will do no harm.

The first tip is to be focused. You do not only drink wine, you want to taste it, to feel it, to understand it, all your taste buds, your sense of smell, need to be sharpened.

Then, you are ready to start.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the wine’s aspect, which color is it ? Check its opacity, its viscosity.

Then you can smell your wine, feel free to “dive” your nose in, if you still can’t smell it, swirl it ! (Be careful not to stain the perfectly white tablecloth at restaurant… Nobody dares to mess with French waiters )

These are the scents you may find in your wine :

  • Fruity scents : cherry, berry, citrus, …
  • Floral and herbal scents
  • Mineral scents such as soils, rocks (reassure yourself, it won’t taste like soil)
  • Spiced scent : vanilla, pepper, coffee, chocolate, sweet

All this scents intermix, this can make very complex to analyse wine, if you can not guess which scent is prominent, do not worry, the tasting may help you.

You may just want to take a sip, in France, for some experts it is proper to suck a little of air while sipping your wine to fully enjoy its flavour, feel free to sip it normally. But you need to linger it in your mouth, this is a very important step as all your buds are conceived to “feel” different tastes. Pay attention of course, to the flavours, but also to the texture.

Is it balanced ? Maybe it tastes too much like fruits, or is it too sweetened ? Or maybe is it too sour ?

Then, how long does it taste ? Once you have swallowed your sip or spit it, how long do you still feel the taste in your mouth, not the sourness, nor the tannins, nor the sweetness, just the aromas.

How complex is it ? Can you taste only one flavour, or is it more constructed ?

A great wine will express complex aromas and scents, thus, it will justice the quality of its soils, its “cépage”, and vintage.

One more advice would be to get a journal and write down tasting notes, you can grade your different tastings, write down your thoughts about this vintage, a wine you really enjoyed, another you would never drink again. Step by step you will build your wine profile and will be able to choose your perfect wine.

Now, you know everything to taste wine like an expert, or at least pretend to be, it is time to experiment on your own ! If you want to practice these advices, you can start with this tour. Trust us, you will never drink wine like before !