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Laurent Deverlanges has settled his fish farm on the Huso estate in order to develop the prestigious brand Caviar de Neuvic. In Dordogne, a country full with History and gastronomy, he masters the sturgeons’ breeding and caviar’s production. Here, innovation meets nature to get a high quality produce. After a journey through France and world, working in Food industry’s projects management and development, Laurent Deverlanges settled down in 2011 in this estate of 19 hectares, along the river Isle which has already known fish farms in the 1980s.

This entrepreneur, seeker of perfection, sees in Caviar’s rebirth in Aquitaine, the opportunity to offer an excellent Caviar, based on Terroir appreciation and innovative production techniques.

Sturgeon is a delicate fossil fish, which origin goes back to 30 million years ago. The most ancient peoples used to taste its delicate flesh, Aristote even assigned it medicinal virtues. This delicacy was known for its finesse and rareness. Caviar history and myth surely belong to Russia and Iran, yet sturgeons were found in Aquitaine during the 1920s. Legend has it that a rich exile woman living in the region, introduced the art of collecting the precious sturgeons’ eggs, which before, was give to chicken as food ! Unfortunately, war put and to this production, and it was only during the 1980s that France and Aquitaine carried on the tradition.

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Natural balance is at the heart of the concerns in Huso estate. Mindful of sturgeons well-being, which has an impact on the Caviar, sturgeons are barely handled, and in low density in ponds, to preserve at best, their natural conditions. Water is recycled thanks to filtering plants. Sturgeons are first bred from birth to 7 years old, then female are kept for eggs production purposes. Then long processes and patience are required before obtaining the finest caviar.


To discover much more about Caviar de Neuvic, sturgeons and ancestral and innovative techniques, book your tour “Périgord’s Delights”. A day dedicated to delightful treasures of the region.